Why wait another minute to look your best?

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A private gym focused exclusively on 1-on-1 personal training. Our programs are customized based on your needs. Our focus is nutrition first. Without proper nutrition it is very hard to achieve the results you want through working out alone. Every client is provided with meal plans, workout plans and 1-on-1 training in the gym to help them reach their goals. If you are not from our area, we offer online training where we also provide you with meal plans and workout plans to reach your goals.

What does a coach do?

WHAT DOES A COACH DO? They educate, teach, inspire, and push you. They should also be lifelong students of their craft. We are not a big gym franchise that just wants your check every month, we want you to learn the fundamentals of training, nutrition and lifestyle so that you can take what we teach you and enjoy lifelong success in maintaining your new you.

Why wait to look your best?

Over the years our gym has developed quite a fitness community of many people striving to reach common goals with their health and fitness. We have found that over the years that many of our clients develop friendships with other clients in our gym and then feed off each other and support each other as both work towards their goals.

Weight Loss

Nutrition and lifestyle changes for weightloss that lasts. Nutrition and lifestyle changes for weightloss that lasts.

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Contest Prep

Evolving programs to keep you progressing toward your best on stage. Evolving programs to keep you progressing toward your best on stage.

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Online Training

Not local or don’t have time? We have online programs available.

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Workout Database

Browse through daily workouts for men and women.Browse through daily workouts for men and women.

30 Day Fitness Program

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