Month: July 2015

Why wait anther minute to look your best?

Women should lift weights and start young

I first started working in the gym industry back when I was in high school my senior year as a front desk person at the local Golds Gyms back in Washington where I grew up. I started personal training shortly after during the summer months of college when I was not playing college baseball at…
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Maintaining…Why does this seem to be so hard? Why can’t I eat the foods I love and keep the physique I want? Or rather, maybe the question should be: why can’t I eat those 6 bags of M&Ms, 3 bags of cookies, 2 gallons of ice cream, 1 pan of brownies, 18 rolls of Sushi,…
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It a marathon, not a sprint.

It sounds cliché but this is really the truth. Transforming your body is a marathon, not a sprint. The most unsuccessful clients I have are the ones who come in all “gun-ho” on Day 1. The reason these ones are usually the ones I know won’t succeed is because they are too excited, they are…
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Sometimes it is okay not to be your best in order to be your best.

Carly has been competing now for 3 years. She has found success  early on in her competition career, while placing in both her first two competitions as a senior in high school. Last year she followed that up with winning her class in both the Emerald Cup and Big Sky Championships as a 19 year old.…
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