Month: December 2015

Why wait anther minute to look your best?

SHIT Happens

“$%&$ Happens” The phrase “when it rains it pours “describes the story of my life this last month. My focus this month was to be better on my meal plan and to begin my workouts again and I was so ready and excited! My first workout was amazing 😉 we posted a video about how…
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Here is a look at my daily meal plan. Going off my blood work, my body has some insulin resistance therefore the days of just pounding carbs and what not to gain size are over. I find for myself that I respond better, get better results and even develop muscle easier when I focus more…
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If Only it Was This Easy

“If Only it Was This Easy…..” Sleep of course does play a role in weight loss, but let’s be honest between jobs, kids and life getting a full night of sleep doesn’t always happen. Right now I would love a straight even four hours 😉 But clearly that is not happening anytime soon. This week…
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