Month: September 2016

Why wait anther minute to look your best?

WEEK 2 Progress

Week 2 has gone like Week 1. after my Carb up Sat I was 288 Sat so a gain of 2 pounds. Today I was at 281 so 5 down from Sat morning, 7 overall from Sunday. I have felt my metabolism speeding up so I have gone with it and the only change I…
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Week 1 Wrap Up

Now that we are through Wed of Week 2 I should probably get my Week 1 wrap up done. The days go by fast. Week 1 went very well. Started the week at 292 in the morning and finished at 286 Sat morning. I stuck to my low carb, high fat diet for the week.…
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I will begin dieting Monday 9/19 and to get back in contest shape. It seems like this is a trend now that I start to diet when Shawna gets pregnant but it just seems to work because she gets really sick for most of the pregnant so there not really anything we can do so…
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