Why wait anther minute to look your best?


I will begin dieting Monday 9/19 and to get back in contest shape. It seems like this is a trend now that I start to diet when Shawna gets pregnant but it just seems to work because she gets really sick for most of the pregnant so there not really anything we can do so might as well diet hard and train. I don’t have any intentions in competing in a show with our gym moving into our new building later this fall and us promoting our first show this next summer as well as Shawna being pregnant so just a lot going on that I don’t want to commit to a full out show prep but I will have to do baby pictures in the spring so might as well be shredded for that so that really the only goal. Unlike a contest prep, I will be doing 1 free meal a week so we can still at least do something once a week hopefully if she feels up to it. So pretty much how I will do that is if she wants to go out to eat on a weekend than I’ll do a free meal, if she doesn’t than I won’t. This could be looked at as a prep for the casual bodybuilder who is not competing but still wants to diet down to get that close to stage look just because.

My plan is to diet for 16-20 weeks just like a contest prep but not to the full extent of being depleted like the last few weeks into the show. I will also be discussing hormone replacement therapy in this blog as I progress because now that Shawna is pregnant we are done after this so I will be able to switch from my fertility hormone treatment (HCG) to hormone replacement therapy (Testosterone) later this fall. That will also help the dieting process a lot as well. These first 2 weeks of this process are actually going to be interesting because i have to let my testosterone levels bottom out to do blood work so they can see where my levels are at off the HCG. I typically will crash after 4 days so it may be a little bit of a sluggish week and half until I get blood work done. Once I do than I will post it here and discuss it and what the approach will be. HRT treatment is very new to the medical world so the medical world really doesn’t have it figured it out a 100% at this time and I have my own thoughts on approaches that I will go over as we get to that point but I will include everything I decide to use here in this blog.

Starting out here is my WEEK 1 diet. I respond really well to high fat, low carb approaches. I actually seem to get stronger when I drop carbs and increase fats. So for me I will actually feel more energized but again that may change with having to go off all hormones all together for these first 2 weeks so we will see. I like to keep it very basic, this will look very strict to people because there is no variety but for me I like the same thing, at the same time every day. I prepare all my food for the entire week, my eggs I prepare 3 to 4 days at a time so twice a week for eggs but otherwise my steak, turkey, chicken is all prepared for the whole week. If there is one thing I would invest in to help a prep or diet process, it would be Treager. I don’t know how I did previous preps without one but if you want your chicken or steak to be just as moist on Friday as it is fresh off the grill on Sunday than invest in one. They are a game changer with food and worth every penny it cost. Below is the starting plan and once a week will do a high carb day where I’ll go up about 500 or 600g of carbs, that is all I need to get carbed up. As I get older the less carbs I need which is good and bad, it nice not having to eat as much but at the same time it makes it a pain to not be able to eat more sometimes.

Starting out at 292 and I expect this week will probably come down to about 3 to 4 pounds pretty easy. Cardio starting out doing 4 days a week for 15 min. Lifting is pretty basic, This week Quads were today on Sunday, Monday be a rest day, Tuesday is back day, Wednesday Shoulders/Biceps, Thursday Hamstrings/Calves , Friday off, Saturday Chest/Triceps


10 egg whites
2 whole eggs
1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil
2 slices of Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seed

3 scoop or Pro Muscle Isolate
2 tablespoon of extra virign olive oil

8oz of cooked chicken
2 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Coconut oil
2oz of cheddar cheese

3 scoop of Pro Muscle Isolate
2 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1.5 cup of oatmeal (measure dry)


10oz of 93% lean ground turkey OR steak cooked

3 scoop of Pro Muscle Isolate
2 tablespoon of Natural PB