Why wait anther minute to look your best?


A couple workouts for women tonight. Here are two workouts we went through early today with Brittney, Carly and Jessica.

Carly and Jessica both trained Hamstrings. Right now Carly has a minor issue so she can’t go to heavy with squating type movements so right now the goal is to focus more on rep manipulation and intensity vs going to heavy. With that in mind this was the following workout which would be a good challenge for anyone to try.

Exercise 1: Standing Single Leg – leg curls, 3×15 for a warmup increasing the weight each set than 3 sets of double reps on the top portion of the movement. So you will lift the weight all the way up, than half way back down, than back up and than all the way down and repeat. On the last set we did 3 extra reps that were a 3 sec negative on the way down. So 2×10 and 1×13

Exercise 2: DB Stiff Leg Deadlift Partials 4×15 superset with Lying Leg curls (normal reps) 4×10-12
The DB Stiff leg partials are to focus on the glute-ham tie-end area. We are trying to really feel the top portion of the hamstring/bottom of the glute. You can hit this area by doing partial reps. To do this we focus on getting a full stretch with bringing the DBs down to the top of your shoes and than only raise them back up to about knee height so it is not a full rep where you stand all the way up. Also the focus is to do this exercise fast so it a rapid fire where you are engaging the glute than releasing it and back and forth. Normally we do this for 15-25 reps because it not a movement to go that heavy on it more the speed that hits that spot of the muscle.

Exercise 3: Barbell Sumo Deadlift. We used 25 pound plates for these so we could get an increased range of motion down to the ground especially for Jessica who is shorter and than Carly just had to deal with it. But did 4 sets of 12 and when performing the movement it is not a power lift. we are not trying to throw on as much weight as we can and see how much we can lift. We are trying to feel the hamstrings and glutes again. So to perform this movement with that emphasis you want to get a good range of motion going down and than as you start to come up you want to squeeze your glutes and almost thrust your hips forward (slowly) to the point that you almost start to come up on your toes, this will really engage your glutes at the top of the movement. Again we are not using a ton of weight nor are we power lifting, the goal is to feel the hamstring and the glutes at the top. the last 2 sets we did a negative on the way down and than a slow 3 sec concentric lift on the way up and never locked the knees out and this forced constant tension on the hamstrings and glutes to really make them fire and feel it.

Exercise 4: Superset of Glute/Ham Developer Machine 3×10 with red band for added band tension super set with reverse barbell lunge for 3×10-12. Now when doing the reverse barbell lunge we do all reps on one leg at a time so you are not alternating. Also as you lunge back and than push forward to return to the start the goal is to use that back leg as minimally as possible and than never touch that foot on the ground except for when you drop it back to go back into a lunge. By balancing on the lead foot as you come up it forces you to engage that glute so balance is an important part of isolating the glute on this movement and is a great finisher to end your workout on. So if you come back to the start and touch your back foot on the ground than your not doing it right.

WORKOUT 2 with Brittney was Back and Shoulders

The goal of this workout is focus more on strength training. Since Brittney also focuses on the Bikini division we are still keeping a faster pace to the workout so she is also getting some sort of conditioning in vs a bodybuilder who does 1 set at a time and takes longer rest periods. So most of her exercises are super sets.

Exercise 1: Smith Machine Seated Shoulder Press super set with Pull-ups. On shoulder presses she started with a few warmup sets of 15 reps and than did about 4 working sets working from 10 reps down to 6 reps with a heavier weight each set. Pull-ups were in the range of 8-10 reps each set.

Exercise 2: Seated DB Shoulder Press superset with Close Grip Lat Pulldowns. On both movements the goal was to increase weight and lift a max effort weight for the reps given. 4 sets of 8-10 reps per set.

Exercise 3: Single Arm DB Rows 4×10

Exercise 4: Lateral Raise Machine with arms out to the side 4×8-10 superset with Standing Rope Pullovers 4×12-15

Exercise 5: Bent-over Rear Delt Cable Flies grabbing the cable pulley ball vs having an attachment on it. 3×12-15 – the goal of this is to feel the rear delts . You want to raise the weight away from your body at a 45 degree angle going forward vs pulling back. You should feel your pinkie going upward on this movement.

Exercise 6: DB Front Raises 3×10 each arm super set with Rope Facepulls 3×12. With DB front raise raise them up with your palm facing in or thumb sticking up to hit the front delt the best.

Give these workouts a try on our hamstring/glute workout or back and shoulder day.