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Pre Exhaust – chest fly machine 3×12 Incline Barbell Press 3×6-8 with 315 High Incline Cable Press 3×12 Hammer Strength Incline Press (double rep) 3×8-10

Shoulder Training

This week’s delt training. The goal was to hit 3 sets with each weight which has pretty much been my appraoch lately that seems to be working. Here is a look at this weeks training session Exercise 1: Standing Cable Side Raises 3×10 Exercise 2: Seated DB Shoulder Press 3×8 at 145 Exercise 3: Upright…
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Hamstring Training

I am pretty happy with where everything is at right now. I’m still growing sitting in the lower 300s from 300-305 range and i’m using a pretty basic training method of just pushing as hard as I can when I train. Nothing crazy as far as drop sets or super sets or any of that…
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Rope Pushdowns 3×15 Incline Lying EZ Bar Extension 3×10 Seated Overhead Rope Extension 3×12 Lying DB Extension into Close Grip DB Press 3×10 each superset with Underhand Pushdown 3×15 Hammer Strength Preacher Curl 3×10 Superset with DB Hammer Curls Alt 3×10 Barbell Curl (double rep) 3×10 Cable Hercules Curls 3×12 Single Arm Cable Preacher Curl…
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Leg Extension banded, double rep 3×10 Front Squat 3×8 with 405 Leg Presses with bands 3×12 Hammer Strength Split Squat 3×10 Leg Extension with no back rest to emphasize upper split 3×12


DELT TRAINING Seated DB Lateral Raises 2×10 with 80s and a drop set for 8 reps each doing 80,60,40 Seated DB Shoulder Press 3×8 with 145s Hammer Strength Shoulder Press (double rep) 3×6-8 super with Barbell Upright Row 3×8 Single Arm Cable Side Raise 3×10 Hammer Strength Shrug 3×12 superset with Incline Chest Supported Reverse…
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This last week has been crazy. We had fly out for a funeral unexpected and than got back last night. and than have to travel again tomorrow so i planned to take 4 days off while we were gone and than today since we are at our own gym I decided to do legs. I…
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View point on steroids to grow

Are steroids used in bodybuilding, ya you bet, I’m not going to sit here and B.S. you and say they aren’t. But here is the deal and I have talked to several IFBB pro bodybuilders who have been on the Olympia stage who have had longevity in the sport about this. I am also not…
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QUAD DAY TUE OCT 24 and FRI Back/Hamstring/Bicep oct 27

This was a good training day, felt good and my goals now are to hit more volume with a heavy weight on my quads vs going up heavier for more max type lifts. 1. Leg Extensions – pause contraction holds for 4×10 and 4th set ended up being a drop set for about 30 reps.…
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Late night chest training

Late night chest training . Training at 10pm at night isn’t always ideal especially when you get up at 5am each day but sometimes you either train or you have to skip it so got the kids to bed than to the gym for some loud music and volume chest/tricep training Movement 1- flat DB…
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