Why wait anther minute to look your best?

1st Trimester

When I was pregnant with my first I would hate to eat when I was sick, and so my calories were a lot lower. I gained 16 lbs my first trimester! This time around I force myself to eat when I am sick and it was only a matter of days before my body started…
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I will begin dieting Monday 9/19 and to get back in contest shape. It seems like this is a trend now that I start to diet when Shawna gets pregnant but it just seems to work because she gets really sick for most of the pregnant so there not really anything we can do so…
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Coach Needs to Come out With a Gallon Water Jug

Seriously they do! I don’t know how many cute water cups I have bought and thought “oh I will refill it enough to equal a gallon.” Right, by the time I have even filled it up twice I have already forgotten a short time later, when I go to refill it, how many times I…
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