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Arm Workout Blast- Tricep Focus

Most of the time when I train arms on their own day I will focus on more bicep work as my triceps develop easier so I don’t need to focus on them as often. So I would say every 3rd arm workout I focus on tricep as the primary muscle being worked in that workout. This workout is more tricep focused as well as just focusing on going heavier and using basic movements.

EXERCISE 1: Rope pushdowns 4×25, anymore in any workout you will see i pretty much always start with a pre-exhaustion movement and it is not so much that I say you need to pre-exhaust the muscle every time before you go to your main movement but now i am older and i need to make sure my joints are warmed up before i go into that main power movement so i pretty much always do something lighter before going into that main movement so i really wouldn’t call it exhaust anymore as i am used to it but just need to get blood flowing first so i don’t cause any injuries. So movement 1 is just a basic rope pushdown. Never hold the ends of the rope together as this changes the emphasis to the inner tricep and then you might as well just use a straight bar because it is doing the same thing so keep the weight lighter, hands apart the entire movement and squeeze the tricep. Video Reference

EXERCISE 2: JM presses 4×8, this is an uncommon movement. I filmed from the side so you can see the rock back at the bottom. This is a cross between a skull crusher and a close grip bench. I bring the bar down close to the chin more like a close grip and then once it is at the bottom I rock it back to about the mouth/ nose area and ten press it back up focusing on the tricep. This is a great mass builder for the triceps and back when i was focused on being a strength athlete this was a movement I used a lot to build some pretty big benches, at that point in time 500 plus pounds. Video Reference

EXERCISE 3: Single arm overhead DB extension: 4×8-12. You can do this single arm or use both arms at he same time with one DB. I prefer single arm always over using both arms at the same time because as you go heavier with both arms the DBs get longer so it makes it harder to hit a full range of motion. Video Reference

EXERCISE 4: Underhand tricep pushdown 4×12-15. Remember if you want to build a bigger arm you have to develop the entire arm. I often times can add almost a full inch to my arm measurement just simply by pumping up the outer head of the tricep. The outer head is often times the most overlooked aspect of the tricep. So to really build a bigger arm, focus on the outer portion of the tricep and you will really notice your shirt sleeves start to get tight. Video Reference

EXERCISE 5: Standing DB alternating curl, 4×8 each arm. The focus was the tricep this workout, I basically then followed that up with 2 bicep movements that are basic and heavy to get the bicep portion in. Video Reference

EXERCISE 6: barbell curl double reps 4×8-10, barbell curls are really the most over hyped exercise there is for bicep development and i only do these maybe once a month but it was fitting today since just doing basic movements since i only did 2 bicep exercises. This is easily a movement that is done way to heavy by most people and so you develop really strong elbows and little biceps. With biceps in general they are a small muscle so really moderate weight with more focus on rep manipulation (double rep, negatives, etc) is what will develop them vs throwing 45s on each side and seeing how many barbell curls you can do turning it into a front delt/ back extension movement. So lighten the weight up and focus on squeeze and the rep filling blood up in the bicep. Video Reference

Arm Blaster 1


Barbell Curl 4×10 superset with Hammer DB Curl 4×8

Single Arm Preacher Curl 5×12

Incline Reverse Barbell Curl lying chest down on incline bench 4×10

Cable Single Arm Curl 3×10

Lying Barbell Extension 4×8

Tricep Rope Pushdown 4×10 superset with Standing Overhead DB Extension 4×12

Reverse Cable Kickback 3×15

Arm Basics 2


Barbell Curl 4×10

Incline DB Curl (3 sec negative) 4×10

Concentration Curl 3×10

Close Grip Bench 4×6

Lying DB Extension 4×10

Straight Bar Pushdown 3×10

Arm Pump 1


Preacher Curl 4×20,15,12,10 superset with DB Hammer Curl 4×12 (each arm at same time)

Standing Hurculees Curls (in cable crossover) 7×12 w/ 30 sec rest between sets

Incline DB Curls 3×12

Concentration Curl 3×10

Tricep Rope Pushdowns 4×12 superset with Overhead Tricep Extension w/DB 4×12

Lying Barbell Tricep Extension (double rep) 4×12

Tricep Kick Back 4×12-15

Arm Builder 1


Barbell Curls 4×10 (double rep on the contraction) superset with Overhead DB Tricep Extension 4×12

Tricep Rope Pushdown 4×10 superset with Preacher Curls 4×12

DB Curls 4×8 superset with close grip bench (come to inch before touching chest-push up through tricep)


DB Concentration curls 3×10

Bent-over Tricep Cable kickback 3×12 each arm