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Day 2, Back Day

Today was surprised I was actually feeling the low carb from yesterday and today but not bad. Could feel the intensity wasn’t quite what it has been but I also skipped my off day yesterday in which I shouldn’t have cause I could feel I needed it today. But all in all a decent training session.

Morning started with fasted cardio on the stairs for 20 min.

Afternoon training – sets are always listed as working sets not including warmup sets or lead up sets.
H.S. low Rows with 3 plates per side for 3×12. This was more a warmup, didn’t go to heavy here, more a warmup for deadlifts to get blood moving

Deadlifts. Did sets of 6 working up to last set of 6 with 545. This felt off today but still was able to hit more reps with this weight than I have in the past recently so always good to be able to push through when you know you don’t have it like normal.

T-bar rows. 3 sets of 10 with 7 plates and 25

Single Arm pulldowns 3 sets 8-10 with 150lbs

Standing Rope pulldowns 3×10-12 with 120lbs

Nothing epic today but still made progress

Now I’m off all hormones for 2 weeks so see how I feel these next few weeks, don’t expect it to hit me until this weekend.

wed will for sure be an off day to recover

Back Builder 3

The focus of this back workout was to push some weight but also minimize the lower back involvement because I just got my back adjusted yesterday. So this is a good workout to do if you are feeling some lower back stiffness. Although I did deadlift in this workout but not heavy, if you are feeling your lower back then I would do another movement such as hammer strength seated rows in place of deadlifts to really minimize your lower back.

Exercise 1: Hammer Strength Low Row, 4×8. Use an underhand grip on this machine. I always like to start my back training off with a machine row first to just get myself warmed up. Kinda like starting with leg curls or leg extension on leg to to get your blood moving and ready to go. Video Reference

Exercise 2: Deadlifts 4×8, Now if you are having lower back issues then just do another row machine such as hammer strength seated row with the inner palms facing together grip. I did not go super heavy so did not film this one, I worked up to a couple sets at 405 and focused on a good squeeze through the back. Sometimes a moderate weight is better than going super heavy with these because as bodybuilders the idea is to develop muscle vs powerlifting. So if you go for a 1 rep max then sometimes you end up using more lower back, hips, and hamstrings vs. squeezing through the movement with your back.

Exercise 3: Weighted pullups, Just good old fashioned pull ups using a weighted belt. I weigh about 275 pounds so added another 25 pound plate for this workout doing 4×6. Video Reference

Exercsie 4: Incline barbell row 4×10. This is a favorite of mine to use when I am trying to minimize my lower back involvement. My intentions are to squat heavy tomorrow so I don’t want my lower back achy or fatigued so this is a good way to still get a good heavy row movement in but without taxing your lower back. Video Reference

Exercise 5: Wide grip, palms facing in Lat Pull downs. 4×8-10. I see a lot of people turn a simple lat pull down into a rowing movement by leaning too far back when they pull the bar down or a bicep movement by not getting a full stretch at the top of the movement. For back training I highly recommend using straps to take your grip and arms out of the movement. I really take my arms completely out to where they are just simply keeping the bar in line and i am using only my back muscles to move the weight. As you will see in the video I get a full stretch at the top and i am not leaning back to far when I bring the bar down. I don’t care how strong your grip is, it will never be stronger than your lats and so if you don’t train with straps you are always going to neglect your back development and development it as good as you could so strap up and feel the lats move the weight. Video Reference

CORE TRAINING: I try to train my core about 3 times a week. I notice when I train abs that my power lifts are better so yes you get a lot of core work in when doing basic compound lifts but those lifts will be even better when you train your core a few times a week. So this workout I started out with a couple ab movements to get some work in. I did the follwoing:

Crunches on the ball 3×25
Decline Sit Ups 3×15
Hanging Leg Raises 3×15

Heavy Back Training

The focus on this workout is a basic strength training workout for developing your back. We started off with dead lifts. For this workout our goal was to do 4-6 reps per each set working up to a max effort set. So basically do 6 reps, then add weight until your get a max effort set for 4 or 5 reps. Video Reference

Exercise 2: Seated rows 4×8-10, This is another basic movement. The focus here is to get a good squeeze in the middle back. Video Reference

Exercise 3: Lat pull downs 4×8-10, These are basic, just pulling the bar straight to the upper chest. Don’t lean back turning this movement into a rowing movement, keep the chest up and just a slight lean back activating the lats.

Exercise 4: One- arm barbell rows: 3×10-12, This is a great variation to always doing 1 arm DB rows. It also hits a littler higher up on the upper back whereas a DB row will hit more of the overall lat. Video  Reference

Exercise 5: Standing straight bar pullover: 3×10-12, This is form of pullover I prefer over lying DB pullovers. This puts less stress on my shoulders so I can feel it more in my lats. But I will do both and switch usually each week. Video Reference

Back Builder 2


Pullups: 50 reps, (do as many sets as needed)

Wide Grip Pulldowns 4×12 superset with DB Pullover 4×12

Hammer Strength High Row (double rep) 4×10

T-Bar row 4×12 super set with Seated Row 4×15

One-Arm Barbell Row 4×10

Deadlifts 4×20 (must be at end)

Back and Bi Scorcher 1


Pullups: 50 reps, (do as many sets as needed)

Wide Grip Pulldowns 4×12 superset with DB Pullover 4×12

Hammer Strength Seated Row 4×12

Reverse DB Fly OR reverse fly on the chest fly machine 4×12

One-arm DB row 4×10

Preacher Curl 4×20,15,12,10 superset with DB Hammer Curl 4×12 (each arm at same time)

Standing Hurculees Curls (in cable crossover) 5×12 with 20 second rest between sets

Incline DB Curls 3×12

Concentration Curl 3×10

Lat Attack


Pullups OR Assited Pullups (wide, overhand Grip) 50 total reps

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 4×10

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns 4×10

Bent-over Barbell Rows with underhand grip 4×10

One-arm DB Row 3×8

DB Pullovers 3×10

Back Builder 1


Wide Grip pulldowns 4×8

Close Grip Pulldowns 4×10 (double rep)

Seated Row 4×15,12,10,8

One-arm DB Rows 4×10

Hammer Strength High Row OR Low Row 4×15,12,10,8

DB Shrugs 4×15

Reverse Cable Flys 4×15

Hyperextension 4×25 superset with Reverse Hyper 4×25

Back Basics 1


Deadlifts 4×6

Bent-over row 4×6

Pullups 4×6 (add weight)

Pulldowns (Wide/Close alternate each week) 4×6-8

One-Arm DB Rows 4×8

Hammer Strength Row (rotate between the variations of machines) 4×8-10