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Chest/Shoulder/Tricep Blast

We have been doing a lot of combined chest/ shoulder/ tricep workouts the last month or so because those who I train with are all getting ready for shows so my training is more of a reflection of what they need to do right now to prepare for their show. The goals of these combined chest/ shoulder/ tricep days is to focus more on area of those muscles and to train more often such as 2x a week vs 1x a week. This workout is more focused on upper pec, front delt and outer tricep.

Exercise 1: Incline DB Chest Press, After your warmup sets perform 3 sets of 12 progressing up in weight each set. The final set do a drop set going all the way to failure. When I get to my final drop set you will see I am doing half reps after I can no longer complete a full rep in order to keep pushing more blood into the muscle. Video Reference

Exercise 2: Hammer Strength Chest Press 4×10-12 reps super set with incline DB chest fly using a double rep for 4×8. Then HS press is just normal presses and the flies below show the correct form when performing a double rep. It is a double rep on the stretch portion of the movement, never at the top when performing this movement. Video Reference

Exercise 3: Now I moved into Front Delts and did a super set with DB front raises and barbell front raises. The DB front raises try to hold a contraction at the top for a split second to get a good squeeze and then when you get the barbell front raises use a 3 sec negative on the way down. This is a killer pump in the front delts. 3×8-10 on each. Video Reference

Exercise 4: Underhand tricep pushdown 4×12

Exercise 5: Lying DB Single Arm Extension 4×12. On this movement only using one arm at a time and when you lower the weight you want to lower it to the opposite shoulder with your elbow outward, this should be felt in the outer part of the tricep.

Chest and Tri Mass Attack 1

Incline Barbell Bench Press 4×5-8

Incline DB Bench 4×8-10

Hammer Strength Wide Grip Bench 4×10-12

Flat Cable Cross Over 4×12-15

Incline DB Fly (double rep on stretch) 4×8-10

Close Grip Bench Press 4×8-10

Wide Grip Pushdown 4×10-12

Lying Incline Ez bar Extension 4×8-10 (double rep)

Chest and Arm Blaster

Incline DB Chest Press 4×10

Incline DB Chest Fly 3×12

Incline Hammer Strength chest press 4×12

Cable Crossover 3×12

Barbell Curl 4×10 superset with Lying Barbell Tricep Extension 4×12

Tricep Pushdowns 4×10 superset with DB Curls (alt arms) 4×8

Close Grip Bench Press 4×12

Chest Builder 1

Bench Press 4×6

DB Bench Press 4×6-8

Incline Hammer Strength Press 4×6

DB Fly 4×10

Close Grip bench (elbow straight into side, stop just before touching chest to emphasize triceps) 4×8

Overhead DB Extension 4×8

Chest Conditioning

Dumbbell Incline Bench 4×12 superset with DB Incline Fly 4×12

Hammer Strength Incline Press 4×8 superset with Cable Crossovers (double rep on contraction) 4×12

DB Flat Bench (double rep on stretch) 4×10 superset with Dips 4×15

Pushups x 100 (rest as needed, get 100 total reps)

Chest Blaster 1

Incline Bench Press 4×8

Hammer Strength Incline Bench 4×8

DB Bench press 4×12 superset with DB flys 4×10 (double rep)

Dips 4×12-15

Cable Crossover 5×12 (only rest 20 seconds between sets to finish this workout)