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Quad Killer 1


Leg Extensions 5×20

Leg Press 5×12-15

Walking Barbell Lunges 4 sets 20 (10 each), 30 (15 each), 40 (20 each), 50 (25 each)

Squat 4×8

Leg Extension Single Leg 3×15

Leg Basics 1


Squats or Front Squats 4×8

Walking Lunges 4×30 (15 strides each leg – add weight)

Leg Press or Hack Squat 4×10

Leg Extensions 4×10

Seated Leg Curl 4×10

Standing Leg Curl 4×10

Hamstring Training

Hamstring workout from Tuesday night. The goal of this workout was to push the intensity with multiple ways to get the hamstrings to respond. There was some mental training going on here to with pushin weights that hadn’t done yet.

Exercise 1: Seated Leg Curl, 3 warmup sets of 15 reps. Than did 3 sets of double reps for 10 reps and a 4th set of doubles gettin about 6 reps with the weight stack and than taken about 100 lbs off and continued the double reps for another 8 reps or so. A double on the seated leg curl means curl the weight all the way down and than raise it half way back up than back all the way down for a good squeeze than all the way back up and repeat.

Exercise 2: Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift. Started with 135 for 10 reps than each set added 1 plate with the final set being 585 for 3 reps as in the video of Jermey doing them.

Exercise 3. Lying leg curls normal reps for 10-12 reps and superset with glute ham raises with white bands for 8-10 reps and did 3 sets

Exercise 4: single leg standing leg curl. 3 sets of 10-12 doing a 3 sec negative. On the last set did a normal rep for as many reps as possible shooting for at least 15 reps.

Exercise 5: Toe presses on the leg press for 15 normal reps, focus on squeeze and than super set with standing bodyweight standing calf extensions for 20 reps, 5 reps were double at top, 5 rep double at bottoms and 10 normal reps for 4 sets.

This was a very intense workout but still right at about 1 hour training time and Colton joined us tonight so a pretty fast for 3 guys lifting.

Leg-Band Training

Training with bands is very effective way to stimulate muscle growth. Often times you will see power lifters training with them to help increase their explosiveness. For bodybuilding I like to use these as a way every so often to apply a different type of resistance from just lifting a weight normally. I will use bands a lot when I feel a little fatigued or have some sore or achy joints so that I can decrease the actual poundage of the weight lifted but i can still stimulate muscle growth through accommodating resistance through the bands. There are various band tensions that apply different poundage. You will see that I use a variety of bands throughout the training ranging from 50 pounds of tension up to 200 pounds of tension.

Exercise 1: Leg Extension super set with Seated leg curl 4×10-12 each. Focus on squeezing the muscle and than control the weight on the way up to feel the band tension both directions. Video Reference

Exercise 2: Banded Squats, These bands are the heavy bands, they apply about 200 pounds of band tension at the top of the squat so you really will feel the weight get heavier as you stand up with it, I also do a pause at the bottom of the squat which really allows me to focus on driving through my quads. I am not a powerlifter so I’m not looking for optimal power, I am looking for optimal muscle contraction. Video Reference

Exercise 3: Banded Leg Press 4×12. On this movement I am using 4 blue bands and double wrapping them, this applies a lot of tension that you have to push through. I am using about half the actual weight than i would normally use without bands. Focus on more of negative coming down that way keep constant tension on the muscle. Video Reference

Exercise 4: Glute Ham Machine: on this movement I am using about a medium tension band. This really forces you to squeeze through the hamstrings and glutes as you come to the top portion of the movement. 4×10-12 Video Reference

Pre Contest Leg Training

This workout is geared towards pre contest when we are not focused so much on strength and focused more on contractions and feeling the muscle.

Exercise 1: Leg extensions 5×20

Exercise 2: Hack Squats 4×8-10 Video Reference

Exercise 3: Stiff leg deadlift using a hammer strength squat/ shrug machine. Just simply place a lat pulldown bar under the handles and use like stiff leg deadlifts. This allows you to feel a deep stretch in your hamstring without much stress on your lower back. Video Reference

Exercise 4: Glute Ham Raises 4×10

Exercise 5: Lying leg curl 4×10 double rep

Exercise 6: Calf superset of donkey calf raises on a smith machine with seated calf machine. Do 3 sets of 100 reps, 50 on each with no rest in between.

Leg Conditioning/ Detail Training 1

At the time of this workout Jeremy was about 4 and a half weeks out from his first competition of the season. He is dieted down from about 305 pounds to 255 pounds at this point and everything is coming together really well and the goal of this workout was to focus more on muscle detail vs training to grow. The weights are not as heavy at this point but the emphasis of each movement is placed on the contraction with a good hard squeeze and feeling the muscle.

Exercise 1: Super set leg extension with seated leg curls 4×10-12 reps each. The first 3 sets we focused on a good squeeze for about 2 seconds with a negative on the way down. These videos are from the last set where I applied pressure in the opposite direction forcing him to really squeeze the muscle to keep it locked out. Video Reference

Exercise 2: Banded Leg Presses 4×10. We used 4 blue resistance bands wrapped 4 times on the bottom and 2x on the top. This adds several hundred pounds of tension at the top of the movement. We also paused at the bottom of the movement to keep constant tension on the quads and then squeeze through the top of the lift. This video is of an earlier set as the goal is basically failure so had to spot on the final sets. The final set was a drop set. He used 10 plates per side with the band tension and did 10 reps there and then dropped down to 6 plates per side for 10 more reps. Video Reference

Exercise 3: Stiff Leg DB Deadlift super set with Glute Ham Raises (double rep) with red band. On this super set the first movement of stiff leg dead lift we used a lighter than normal weight but really emphasized the contraction of the hamstring as we stood up in a slower motion. This really isolates the hamstrings to make them fill up with blood. Then we superset these with glute ham raises using a red band and then performing a double rep. Did 3 sets of 10 on each. Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2

Exercise 4: Hack Squats super set (3×12) super set with Barbell Walking Lunges (3×20) This was a great finisher and if you have actually hit failure on the movements leading up to this final super set then you will really be feeling this last one and struggling to get through it. Started with hack squats for 12 reps with a good, deep range of motion and then headed outdoors to perform barbell walking lunges with about 135 pounds. Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2

Then we finished up with standing calf presses using the smith machine for 5×12-15 reps

Hamstring Workout

Here is tonight’s hamstring workout:

Seated Leg Curl: did 3 warmup sets of 15 reps, good, controlled form. Than did 3×10 performing double reps

Sumo Deadlift: performed sets of 8 with 135, 225, 315, 405. Focused on good contraction of the glutes and hamstrings to get something out of our warmup progression. Than went 3 heavy sets. 495 for 3, 545 for 3 and felt the best I have in years and than did 605 for 1 for the first time in 3 years so was happy with that after the long road back it seams like.

Single Leg Hamstring Curl Machine 4×10 with good form focusing on contraction, not going super heavy using a moderate weight.

Stiff leg DB Deadlift partials (3×15), on these we go into a full stretch at the bottom and than only come up to knee height with the weight in an explosive manner. this is to target the glute ham tie in area.
Super-setted this with lying leg curls holding out upper body up at arms length on the bench for 3×12 focusing on the squeeze.

Standing Calf Press on the smith machine 4×15 superset with Outer thigh machine 4×15 with hips off the bench -this really hits the outer glute that is going to pop out in the side chest/side tricep poses (if you look at my last show pics you will see exactly what i’m talking about)

Toe Presses on the leg press doing a double rep on the top portion, 4×15 superset with the seated calf machine 4×10 focusin a 3 sec negative on the way down.

Right now Jeremy is 6 weeks out from his show so sumo we went heavy on but much of the training now is really focusing on going as heavy as we can but at the same time really squeezing the hell out of the muscle.

Quad Punisher

Here is another quad workout that we will often do. Our training method is very simple, push the muscle to respond whether that high volume, heavy or whatever the case may be, train by feel in order to get the muscle to respond best so just do whatever it takes which just simply comes to effort.

Leg Extension: This first movement was a major pre exhaust. We did 3 sets of 10 reps with a 2 second hold on the contraction and than a 3 sec negative on the way down. Than do a 4th and final set that is a 30 rep drop set lowering the weight every 10 reps.

Smith Machine Banded Squats with a narrow stance. The band tension is key here. We used a white power band and double wrapped it since the big blue bands are actually to stiff to stretch that high. This will add bout 150 to 200 pounds of tension throughout the movement. 3×8-10 reps and then do a 4th set with the weight you used for your first or second set in your progressions for 15 reps or failure. Video Reference

Front Squats: now you have done two max effort movements and by this point you should be pretty spent if you went hard enough on the first two. The goal here is to be fatigued and work with a heavy weight in the range of 3-6 reps. This will recruit deep muscles fibers that are rarely used in order to make those quads grow. 3 sets of 3-6 reps (HEAVY) Video Reference

Split Lunge on the Hammer Strength Machine: Now you really should be spent. Do 3 sets of 10-12 reps on each leg and call it day (we actually finished with a harsh calf tri set but you don’t have to) Video Reference

High Intensity Quad Day

My training is based on what I feel I want Jeremy doing to get ready for this shows coming up this spring. This workout which is also going to be featured in the video section was a very intense workout. The goal was to fill the quads up with as much blood as possible. This type of workout is only effective when you truly push yourself to maximum effort.

Started off with some light leg extensions. These sets don’t count towards the workout but we start every quad day off with leg extensions. Some days we go ahead and start with our working sets of extensions while other days like today we do them with a light weight to just get some blood moving around our knees and the knees warmed up.

The videos are not the final, maximum effort set. We needed to be able to spot on the final set so that we pushed it to failure but the videos will give you an idea of what was being done.

Exercise 1: Walking Barbell Lunges 20 strides (10 each leg) progressing up in weight each set.
Set 1: 135 pounds/ Set 2 185pounds/ Set 3: 225 pounds Video Reference

Exercise 2: Super set of Leg Extensions with a double rep for 12 reps immediately into Banded Leg Presses focusing on a 3 sec negative for 10 reps. This was a very hard and an extreme amount of blood was pumping through the quads after 4 sets of this. When performing a workout like this you can make it easier by just going in and blowing through your reps. The actual weight is not to heavy so the key is to slow down and really contract the muscle and feel it, it is the contraction and feel of the muscle that is creating blood flow, not by trying to speed through and rep it out. Video Reference

Exercise 3: A lot of times you will see us squat later in the workout. The reason to do this is to really empathized the deep muscle fibers that only get stressed when the muscle is fatigued. In this superset we started with Saftey Bar Squats for 8 reps and than went immediately into Hack Squats with a pause at the bottom of the movement to really force more blood into the muscle and continue isolate the quad. We did 3 sets of these with the final set pushing to 415 pounds on the Saftey Bar Squat for 8 and 4 plates on the Hack Squat for 8. Video Reference

Exercise 4: More lunges. To finish off this quad workout we finished by using the Hammer Strength Split Lunge Machine for 10 reps per leg and than superset with the inner thigh machine focusing on a 3 sec negative. That is right, the inner thigh machine because it works great for isolating the Adductors and the Sartorious muscles there on the inner thigh that is often neglected. For offseason training these muscles are not really a priority but now that we are about 2 months out from Jeremy first show they are being trained each week to make sure everything is coming in as it needs to and creating that good defined quad look on stage. We did 3 sets of these.

That is it, if you can walk out of the gym after this leg workout than you need to train harder : )

Calf Blaster


Standing Calf Press 5×15 (double rep)

Leg Press Toe Presses 5×15 (double rep on contraction)

Donkey Calf Raises 4×25

Single Leg Bodyweight Calf raise 4×50

Leg Puker 1


Leg Extension superset with Seated Leg Curl: 7 sets in the following reps

(3×50 reps, 2×12 double reps, 2 x10 with 3 sec negative)

Hack Squat 5×20,15,10,8,20

Leg Press 4×12 superset with Barbell Stiff Leg Deadlift 4×8

Hammer Strength Split Lunge 4×15 each leg

Lying Leg Curl 3×20

Hamstring Cramp 1


Seated Leg Curl (double rep) 4×10

Sumo Barbell Deadlift 4×8

Single Leg, Leg curl 4×12

Glute Ham Raises 4×10 superset with Lying Curl 4×10

Seated Calf Machine: 4×30

Donkey Calf Raise 5×15