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Back Strength Training

This is a fundamental back strength training workout focused on doing heavy deadlifts.

Exercise 1: Pull-ups 3×10 or to failure

Exercise 2: Deadlifts 5×10,8,6,6,1 – The idea here is to progressively add weight and eventually get to a 1 rep max. Make sure you are used to performing dead lifts with a little heavier weight before attempting to do a 1 rep max. If you are not then i would do 4×6 instead. Video Reference 1   Video Reference 2

Exercise 3: Lat Pulldowns 4×8-10 Video Reference

Exercise 4: Hammer strength seated row 4×8-10 Video Reference

Exercise 5: Seated single arm cable row 4×10 (if you are unsure of what this is then see Shawnas back video under the post pregnancy section)

Exercise 6: Lying DB Pullover 4×12


Back Blasting Workout

Paloma is about 4.5 weeks out at the time of this workout for her contest. The focus of this workout was to push conditioning as well as focus on muscle detail by squeezing each rep and really making the muscle contract.

Exercise 1: Pull ups, perform 4 sets to failure or do at least 30 total reps for however many sets that takes.

Exercise 2: Deadlifts, on this movement we progressed up in weight for 3×8 and then did a final 4th set that was a drop set stripping a 25 pound plate off each set. The goal is to hit failure and get that conditioning in. Video Reference

Exercise 3: Bent over Barbell Rows 4×8-10 reps, today used an overhand grip to focus on upper back. Video Reference

Exercise 4: Lat Pulldown 4×8-10, the focus here was to squeeze and then perform a negative on the way back up Video Reference

Exercise 5: Meadows Rows on Calf Machine: we are using special row attachment and you want to focus on feeling your upper back more on the outside. This is good alternative to doing on arm DB rows. Video Reference

Exercise 6: Seated Hammer Strength low row 3×10 using a double rep. This was a good finishing movement to this workout. Video Reference

Back Basic 2


Lat Pulldowns 3×12-15

Seated Row Machine (cable or hammer strength) 3×12-15

Reverse Fly on Chest Fly Machine (rear delt) 3×12-15

1-Arm DB row 3×12-15

Barbell Curl 3×12-15

Standing DB Curl 3×12-15

Heavy Back Training 1


Lat Pulldowns 5×5

Seated Row 5×5

Close Grip Pulldowns 4×6

One-arm DB Rows 4×6

DB Pullovers 4×10

Back Strength Training 1


Pullups 3×6-10

Deadlifts or Rack Pulls 3×8

Bent-over Barbell Row 3×8

Lat Pulldown (wide or close) 3×12

DB Pullover or Standing straight bar pull down 3×12

Barbell Curl 3×10

Incline DB Curl 3×8 each arm

Bicep Curl Machine 3×12

Back Grinder 1


Pullup or Assisted Pullups 4×10

Lat Pulldowns 3×8

Bent-over Barbell Row underhand grip 3×8

One-Arm DB Row or meadows Row 3×10

Seated Row (double rep) 3×10 or Hammer Strength Seated Row

Lying DB Pullover OR Standing Rope Pulldown 3×12

TRX pullups from ground 3×10

Barbell Curl 3×10

Incline DB Curls 3×8 or standing DB Curl (alternate arms)

Cable Barbell Curl, 2 drop sets of 30 reps, lower weight every 10th rep

Back Basic 1


Lat Pulldown 3×15

One-arm DB Row 3×10

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns 3×12

Pullups – 3xfailure (get 30 reps) use assisted machine if needed

DB Pullovers 3×12

Seated Rows 3×15

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