Womens Core

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Tummy Shredder 1


Do in Circuit Format for 4 rounds

1. Decline Sit-up x 30 reps with bodyweight

2. Hanging leg raise with 10 pound medicine ball between feet x 10 reps

3. Jack knife on the fall x20 reps

4. Lying Leg Lifts with exercise ball,

5. Side Crunch/Bends with elbow on the bench.

Ab Blaster 2


Decline Sit up holding a 25 pound plate at arm’s length over head 3×15 (slow decent on way down)

Medicine Ball or DB between feet V-Ups on a bench 3×20

Standing Rope or Kneeling Rope Crunches 3×20

Hanging Leg Raises no weight 3×20

Hyperextension 3×15 with a 25 pound plate held at arm’s length (do not round the back)

Ab Blaster 1


Crunches on Ball 3×50

Hanging Leg Raises 3×15 (3 second negative on lowering of the legs)

Ab Wheel 3×20 OR Decline Situps 3×20

Hyperextensions focus on top half of the movement (don’t round the back by going all the way down

(3×30 )

V-ups with weight 3×20

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