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Quad Workout With Bands

The focus of this leg workout was quad development. Developing the physique is not always about seeing how much weight you can lift. The key is stressing the muscle in multiple ways to get it to respond by creating new muscle growth. A lot of times the more body-fat you have the stronger you will be just simply because mass moves mass and in theory the more mass you carry (fat and muscle) the more weight you can lift- this is basis behind power-lifting and why you see a lot of power lifters and strength athletes who also appear to be overweight. So for those who’s goal is to develop the physique we continually have to mix things up otherwise if we do the same thing over and over again our body may get stronger but we will not necessarily develop new muscle mass because a lot of those strength gains come as a result of the joint and tendon adaptations vs. the actual muscle growth. This workout was one of those workouts where we really tried to pre-exhaust the quadriceps before we got to our main squat movement and then we added bands to change the emphasis on the muscles so that we are creating different response on the quads vs. just squatting with a normal weight. Watch this workout as Jessica goes through it.

EXERCISE 1:Leg extensions, We did a variety of different rep patterns on this movement for 5 sets. WE did double reps, pause reps, etc. This final set we did 20 total reps, double reps for 10 followed by 5 contraction holds with me pushing against the weight to really make the quads hit failure and then 5 more reps of forced reps to keep more blood going in. The idea here is to hit complete exhaustion where it is impossible to extend your legs for one more rep. Do 5 sets, first 4 sets double reps for 10-12 reps then this last set is the exhaustion set. Video Reference

EXERCISE 2: Walking barbell lunges: we used a reverse set format on these meaning we used the same weight but increased the reps on each set. She did 3 sets total with the first set being 20 lunges (10 each leg) then 30 lunges (15 each) and the final set in video was 50 reps (25 each leg). Use weight on the barbell, no body weight lunges allowed here. Video Reference

EXERCISE 3: Banded Barbell Squats: the goal at this point is to be exhausted, we are trying to recruit deep muscle fibers that we normally would not reach if just doing squats first in a workout. The focus is not strength but rather feel, in the video below she used 115 pounds on the bar and then white bands to add resistance progressively throughout the movement. She also came down to a pause which makes sure she places emphasis on the quads vs. the hips when she squats back up 4 sets of 10 reps. Video Reference

EXERCISE 4: Leg press slow reps: Now you really should be exhausted if you are doing this right and not being a wuss by using lighter weights so you don’t really ever hit exhaustion on previous exercises. To finish off this workout she did what i call slow reps with just 2, 45s on each side. The idea here is to keep constant tension on the quads. To perform this rep patter, lower the weight over a 3 second count, pause at the bottom and then raise the weight over a 3 second count, do not lock your knees at the top and then go back into the next rep. Your legs should be shaking at the end. Video Reference

Shawna's Leg Killer 1

This workout was focused more on conditioning and rep manipulation because her lower back was sore from non weight training activities so we just wanted to get blood into the legs as much as possible while minimizing stress on her lower back.
Exercise 1: Super set of leg extensions and seated leg curls 5 sets
Set 1 and 2: 25 reps
Set 3-5 Leg extensions: Double reps and 5 three second holds on the contraction while pushing against her legs to force her to squeeze to keep holding the contraction
Seated leg curls: 10 double reps and 5 three second negative Video Reference  Video Reference 2

Exercise 2: Walking lunges reverse set with 95 pounds and 105 pounds on the last set
Set 1: 20 reps total (10 each)
Set 2: 30 reps total (15 each)
Set 3: 50 reps total (25 each)

Video Reference

Exercise 3: Superset of hammer strength stiff leg dead lift and glute/ham raises. We used hammer strength squat machine because this really minimizes the lower back involvement that you may feel when using barbell or dumbbells

4 sets of 10-15 for both

Video Reference

Video Reference 2

Exercise 4: Yoke Squat, this machine you won’t find and I don’t have one either but at this gym when we travel we like to mix it in. But you can do a safety bar squat to do a similar movement or just regular squats. (if her back was not tight i would have had her do regular squats with bands for this workout)

3×10 focusing on a pause at the bottom of the squat Video Reference

Excercise 5: Superset outer thigh machine with split lunge negatives (only 2 sets was needed to hit failure)

Outer thigh machine she did 20 reps with butt up off the seat like usual
Split Lunge Negatives: The first set she did her body weight only which is in the video then my phone died so i couldn’t film the second set but she hled onto 10 lb dumbbells for the 2nd set.

For this movement you will do 30 reps and every 10 reps you move your front foot back in a foot back in a foot to change the emphasis on the glute. We pre exhaust with outer thigh machine to fatigue the glutes so you feel them more when doing these. Each rep should take 7 to 8 seconds. Starting at the top, 3 seconds on the way down, 2 second pause a the bottom and 3 seconds on the way up and repeat. Do not lock out your leg at the top of the movement so you keep constant tension on the glute the entire time, it will take almost 2 minutes to complete 1 set on 1 leg. Video Reference

Hamstring Builder

This workout is a muscle building focused workout for the hamstrings. The idea is to get as much blood into the hamstrings with a lot of volume to help them develop.

Exercise 1: Seated leg curls super set with lying leg curls. Do 5 sets on these for 10 to 12 reps. The first 2 sets are double reps. The second two sets are 3 second negatives and the final set is a drop set for 30 reps and then lower the weight every 10 reps to burn them out. Video Reference

Exercise 2: Barbell sumo dead lift focus on the squeeze at the top. Do 4 sets of 10 with the final set being a 20 rep drop set doing 10 reps and then lowering the weight to finish another 10 reps. When performing this movement use 25 pound plates so you can increase your range of motion and keep your chest up and make sure you are feeling your glutes by tucking your glutes underneath as you stand up with the weight. Video Reference

Exercise 3: Box squats. 4 to 5 sets of 8-10. This is lighter weight for her in the video as needed a spotter as she progressed heavier but pay attention to how she sits down on the box and then rocks back on the bench. This allows her to disengage her quads and as she then squats back up she pushes through her heels so that she can activate her hamstrings and glutes vs her quads. Video Reference

Exercise 4: DB sumo dead lift partials x20 reps super set with glute ham machine x15 reps for 4 sets. When performing the partials notice how she is only bringing the weights up to about knee height and is using a faster paced rep patter. This allows her to quickly disengage and engage her glutes which gives you a great feel to the glute hamstring tie in area. Video Reference

Exercise 5: Calf triset: A lot of women neglect their calves but a good calf workout will make your legs look better when wearing those heels. Do this circuit for 3 sets.

1. Standing calf press for 20 reps
2. Toe presses using a double rep at the top for 15 reps
3. Seated calf machine using a double rep at the bottom of the movement for 10 reps

Glute Blast

This workout is to target the glutes. There are 3 exercise series that you will do in a circuit format. Finish all sets of one exercise series before moving onto the next one.

Exercise series 1: Walking DB lunges x20 strides on each leg/ glute kickbacks on the leg curl machine x15 each, Barbell hip thrust x15 reps. Perform this circuit for 4 sets. Video Reference

Exercise series 2: Reverse barbell lunges x15 on each leg/ kettle bell sumo dead lift standing on two benches or boxes x20 reps/ reverse hyper extension with ball between feet x15 reps. Perform for 4 sets.
Note: On the reverse barbell lunges, you do not want to drive off your back leg bringing your knee forward to where you are elevating it in front of you because then using your back leg and not your glute. Notice in the video when she brings back that back leg forward it is pretty much just a dead leg with al her weight placed on the leg that was bent so she is moving her leg forward by activating her glute on the other leg so really you are just balancing on the leg doing the work and not suing the back leg at all. The slower the better with this movement.

The sumo kettle bell dead lift is done on two benches/ boxes because this allows you to bring the weight lower and you are then able to get more range of motion to activate the glutes more. Video Reference

Exercise series 3: Cable kickbacks x15 each leg/ outer thigh machine with hips off the bench x15 reps. Do this super set 4 times.

Note: By raising your butt off the seat like she does in the video it will activate your glutes more. Video Reference

Hamstring/Glute Developer 5

his workout is focused on the hamstring glute areas. Give this workout a shot for a faster pace, hamstring pump.

: Seated Leg Curl (double rep) superset with Lying Leg Curl (3 sec negative)

Seated Leg Curl (double rep) 4×10-12 Video Reference

Lying Leg Curl (3 sec negative) 4×10-12 Video Reference

EXERCISE 2: DB Stiff Leg Deadlift 4×10-12 superset with Glute Hamstring Developer 4×10-12

Stiff Leg DB Deadlift Video Reference

Glute Hamstring Developer Video Reference

TRI-SET: 4 rounds
Barbell Sumo Deadlift x 10-12
Reverse Barbell Lunge x 10-12
Outer Thigh Machine x 15

Barbell Sumo Deadlift Video Reference

Reverse Barbell Lunge Video Reference

Outer Thigh Machine Video Reference

Finish workout with superset of Glute Kickbacks on the leg curl machine superset with cable leg raises with knee on bench, 3 set of 12-15 each

Leg Basics 1


Leg Extensions 3×20

Back Squats on Smith Machine 3×20

Walking Lunges 200 reps (100 each leg)

Leg Press 3×25

Stiff Leg Deadlift 3×15 OR Wide Stance Sumo Deadlift (use Dumbbell or barbell)

Seated leg Curls 3×20

Leg Conditioning 1


Circuit 1: 3 sets

Barbell Squat (focus on depth) x15 reps

Box Jumps x 15reps

Leg Extensions x 20 reps

Circuit 2: 3 sets

Sumo Deadlift (With barbell or Kettlebell) x 15 reps

Lunge Squat Jump x 50 (25 each leg)

Lying Leg Curl x 15 reps

Circuit 3: 3 sets

Walking Barbell or Dumbbell Lunge or with kettlebell holding it with 1 arm extended overhead x 20

strides each leg

Alternating Side to Side Single Leg Box Jumps x 15 each leg (start with one foot on top box, 1 foot on


TRX Single Leg Squat x 15 reps (focus on depth) OR Stand on a bench holding a light weight across the

chest to perform

Butt Lifter 1


Single Leg Leg Press 2×25 (no weight added on)

100 walking lunges in row (50 each leg)

Glute Kick backbacks on leg curl machine 3×20

Cable Leg Raise with ankle cuff 3×20

Hip thrust with one foot on bench and other leg off ground straight to side of bench 3×25

Reverse Hyper 3×20

Leg Blaster 1


Squats 5×15,12,10,8,6 OR squat variation (1 set of each rep number)

Leg Press 4×12

Walking Lunges 3×20 (10 per leg)

Leg Extension 3×12 (double rep)

Seated Leg Curls 3×10 (3 second negative on the way up)

Single Leg Curl 3×12, after the 12th rep do 5 more half reps

Leg Pyramid 1


Smith Machine Squats Narrow Stance 3×20,15,10

High Step Box Step Ups 3×20 each leg (barbell on back)

One-leg Leg Press 3×20

Lying Leg Curl 3×20,15,10

Stiff Leg Deadlift 3×12

Inner outer Thigh Machine superset 3×20 hold your butt up off seat

Glute Kickback on machine or straight leg kickbacks on cables with ankle cuff 3×20 each leg

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