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Shoulder Strength Focus

Carly is in her offseason. The goal for he is to just get bigger in the upper body. This workout is focused more on basic strength training as well as using a different variation of movements to get her shoulders to respond to grow vs doing the same exact exercises over and over.

Exercise 1: DB Side Raises, We like to start a lot of delt workouts out by pre exhausting with a side raise movement of some sort. Today we did DB side raises for 2×25, 2×15 and a drop set for the final set. Video Reference

Exercise 2: Barbell Push Press, The focus on this movement was on strength to build up the shoulders. 4×3-5 reps Video Reference

Exercise 3: Seated DB Shoulder Press with Palms in, this was a variation of what she is used to with DB presses, the goal was to use a variation she was not used to, to give the muscle a different feel. 4×8-10 reps. Video Reference

Exercise 4: Lateral Raise machine while pushing against her motion at the top. Since I was pushing down on the machine I was not able to film this one but basically as she raised her arms up to the top point of the movement I then pushed against her hold so that she had to keep working to hold her arms up. Again this is another variation to accommodate resistance vs just doing a normal rep. 3×10.

Exercise 5: Incline DB Front Raise, this is another variation that we don’t use a lot but is good movement to throw in every so often and you really get a big stretch in the front delt here. 3×10 each arm and then superset this movement with underhand cable straight bar front raises for 3×10 focusing on a negative on the way down. Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2

Exercise 6: Superset lying upright rows with kneeling rope face pulls 3×12 each. Another variation of these two typical movements. The goal when lying on the ground is to pull the bar more upward so it doesn’t touch you on the way up, this gives you a different feel on the delt. Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2

Fast Chest, Shoulder, Tricep Workout

This workout is targeting the chest, shoulders and triceps. The goal is to keep your rest times minimal (30 seconds) and keep your heart rate elevated. Perform one set of each exercise for that circuit before going onto the next set. Each circuit or super set perform for 4 rounds/ sets of 12-15 reps.

Circuit 1: Lying DB Chest Press, Standing DB Side Raise, Assisted Dips Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2 Video Reference 3

Superset 1: Seated DB Shoulder Press, Cable Crossovers Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2

Superset 2: Rear Delt Machine, Alternating DB Front Raises Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2

Superset 3: Underhand Tricep Push Downs, Overhead DB Extension Video Reference 1 Video Reference 2

Shoulder, Chest, Tricep Workout 3


Incline Hammer Strength Press 3×15,12,10 (1 set of each rep number)

Chest Fly Machine 3×15

DB Incline Fly 3×15

DB Side Raise (double reps) 3×10

Arnold Press 3×15

One-arm Cable Side Raise 3×15 each

Tricep Pushdowns 3×20,15,10

Bench Dips 3x failure

DB Tricep Kickback 3×15

Heavy Shoulder Workout 1


Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 4×6

DB Shoulder press 4×8

DB Side Raise 4×8

DB Front Raise 4×8

Upright row 4×10

Rear Delt DB Fly 4×10

Shoulder, Chest, and Tricep Workout 2


Barbell Push Press 3×10

One-arm Cable side raise 3×12

Seated DB Side Raise 3×10

DB Shrugs 3×15

Pushups 3×20-25

Chest Fly Machine 3×15

Lying DB Tricep Extensions 3×15

Underhand Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown 3×20,15,10 (1 set for each rep number)

Shoulder, Chest, and Tricep Workout 1


Seated DB Shoulder Press 4×10-12

Side Raise Drop set 2 sets for 40 reps (lower weight every 10 reps

DB Front Raise alternating arms and raise weight up with your palm facing ceiling 3×12

Upright Row 3×12

Pushups 3×20 superset with Incline DB Fly 3×12

Cable Crossover 3×12

Dips 3×20 superset with Rope Pushdowns 3×12

Tricep DB Kickbacks 3×15

Chest and Arms Workout 1


DB Bench Press 4×12 superset with DB Flys 4×10 (double rep on stretch)

Barbell Flat Bench 4×8 superset with Incline DB Fly 4×10

Barbell Curls 4×10 (double rep on the contraction) superset with Overhead DB Tricep Extension 4×12

Tricep Rope Pushdown 4×10 superset with Preacher Curls 4×12

DB Curls 4×12 superset with close grip bench press 4×10

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