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Pre Exhaust – chest fly machine 3×12 Incline Barbell Press 3×6-8 with 315 High Incline Cable Press 3×12 Hammer Strength Incline Press (double rep) 3×8-10


CARLY PREP One of the things about Carly’s physique is that she is bottom heavy. She leans out very fast in her upper body but her legs take quite a while. So knowing this we planned on a long prep so that it could be a slower process with the goal to not sacrifice her…
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I initially had a hard time wanting to write this blog, and then I ran into a lady who stopped me and said how much she loved seeing my posts about my pregnancy. She appreciated how open and honest I was about everything and thanked me for sharing. I couldn’t have ran into this person…
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Newsletter March 23rd – Shawna Pregnancy Comparison

I wish I was that girl who has a baby and leaves the hospital in her normal every day jeans. Or the girl who you see squatting insane weights at 35 weeks pregnant…… But I am not. I dropped exactly the weight of my child when I left the hospital, and I am squatting a…
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A couple workouts for women tonight. Here are two workouts we went through early today with Brittney, Carly and Jessica. Carly and Jessica both trained Hamstrings. Right now Carly has a minor issue so she can’t go to heavy with squating type movements so right now the goal is to focus more on rep manipulation…
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Hamstring workout from Tuesday night. The goal of this workout was to push the intensity with multiple ways to get the hamstrings to respond. There was some mental training going on here to with pushin weights that hadn’t done yet. Exercise 1: Seated Leg Curl, 3 warmup sets of 15 reps. Than did 3 sets…
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Starting off, Jeremy is going to be focusing on competing in the USAs next July in the super heavies. His offseason weight has hit 310 lbs and has stayed pretty lean for being 300 plus pounds, Here is a look at a shoulder workout we did tonight. This workout was focused more on going heavy.…
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1st Trimester

When I was pregnant with my first I would hate to eat when I was sick, and so my calories were a lot lower. I gained 16 lbs my first trimester! This time around I force myself to eat when I am sick and it was only a matter of days before my body started…
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WEEK 2 Progress

Week 2 has gone like Week 1. after my Carb up Sat I was 288 Sat so a gain of 2 pounds. Today I was at 281 so 5 down from Sat morning, 7 overall from Sunday. I have felt my metabolism speeding up so I have gone with it and the only change I…
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Week 1 Wrap Up

Now that we are through Wed of Week 2 I should probably get my Week 1 wrap up done. The days go by fast. Week 1 went very well. Started the week at 292 in the morning and finished at 286 Sat morning. I stuck to my low carb, high fat diet for the week.…
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