Why wait another minute to look your best?

We now offer more personal training options to meet your needs

  • One on One Personal Training Only – Does not include meal plans or workout plans, just one on one training in the gym
  • Personal Training with Generic Meal Plans (not customized) and workout programming, or offseason contest prep personal training
  • Personal Training with Customized Meal Planning and workout programming from your trainer
  • Contest Prep – is considered at 16 weeks out from your show
  • Personal Training with Big Jon – can be contest prep/offseason training or regular fitness/weight loss training

How Online Training works

  • Online training for contest prep, offseason training and weight loss/fitness/lifestyle goals
  • Customized Nutrition Plans – for online clients, Nutrition is always customized
  • Workout Programming – We provide you with full workouts for weight training and cardio to meet your goals
  • Weekly Check ins – Every week you have a check in through email. This check in will ask you for your weight, measurements, and ask you questions about how your program went that week, such has how did your nutrition plan go? workouts? water intake? etc. We also have you send us progress photos every 2 weeks to check progress as really at the end of the day, progress photos are your best indicators for success
  • Weekly Updates – Based on your check ins and progress, you will get a weekly update from us based on what we feel you need to do to keep progressing. Generally meal plans are updated every 2 weeks for non contest prep clients. For contest prep clients we are making adjustments to your nutrition plan as needed to keep you on track to getting on stage
  • Unlimited Email Support – got a question, send us an email, we check emails daily Monday through Friday and will get back to you that same day, Emails on the weekend can be delayed in response time.